Thursday, February 28, 2013


February seemed to drag on and on for some reason. It's probably because of the crummy weather that we have been having. But I am so excited to be updating our blog. I have decided to only update it once a month because my goal has been to spend less time on the computer. So I'll sum up the month and do a little thing about each kid.

This month for our family outing we went to Albuquerque and saw the temple and also went to the zoo. It was such a fantastic trip.

The temple reminded me a lot of the Sacramento Temple.

I haven't been to the zoo in forever! It started out to be a pretty nice day but by the end of it, it started to snow on us. Can you believe it, SNOW! Anyways, Walker loved it. He is like the perfect age for it. He walked the whole thing and Julian just kicked it in the stroller. It was so worth the drive.

     We'll where should I start. Let's just say that he is developing quit well into a normal 2 year old. He gets into everything, and loves to help.
     #1Just the other day he dumped out a brand new can of formula into our water pitcher and when I asked what he was doing, all he kept on saying was " Juice, Juice" (that's what he call Julian). But here's a picture of what he likes to do with his toys.
     #2 Today his elephant went "poo poo" so I said go get a diaper and this is what happened...
     #3 We have been working on numbers lately and he knows #'s 1-5
     #4 He was outside the other day and opened our little storage closet and got out the lighter fluid and charcoals, and he was ready to dump out the coals before I saw what he was doing.
     I can't believe it but he is 6 months today. He is starting to change more quickly now and I'm pretty excited about it. This is about the age I really start to enjoy them.
     #1 He rolled over for the first time Feb 9th and didn't do it again until recently, and now he hasn't stopped doing it.
     #2 He really, really likes to eat his cereal! Cries between bites.
     # He loves Walker, he loves to lay by him and touch him, but Walker doesn't like the touching.



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jmw said...

lol - love that picture of Julian miraculously sitting atop a jaguar. :)