Wednesday, November 13, 2013


This month we went to the Southern New Mexico State Fair. To be honest it was nothing compared to the California State Fair. Kinda of disappointed in it but that's ok we still made the best of things.
at the state fair
Julian being a cute happy boy!

 Our family outing for the month was to Cloudcroft. It is about a 2 1/2 hour drive from Las Cruces, but so worth it! We happened to go on a day that the parks were closed due to budget cuts so we had to hike our way in, there was no way we were turning around and going home after we just got there. We took a lunch because the forecast said it would be 60 and sunny, maybe more like 50 and windy. Oh well! Because of the budget stuff we took the long way to the trail that we were wanting to do, so the hike ended up being 3-4 hours. The boys did fantastic. I am so glad Walkers name fits him because this kid can walk for ever and ever. Julian just loved being snuggled and carried, and pointing all the trees.

Walker drug so many sticks along the way.

Love this picture of them. We went at the perfect time of year.