Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring Break + Randoms

Eric and I both had spring break at the same time. Needing to get out of here, we made the journey to my parents house. We drove it in two days their and two days back. To be honest it wasn't really that bad. I had in my head how Walker would be and he was amazing, he had a few spells, which is to be expected for being stuck in a car seat.

So we left out Friday when I got off work and drove to some hole in the wall place in Kansas,and then we drove the next day to my parents. It was so nice to see people that I haven't seen in like 2 years and for people to finally meet Walker. While their, we went to parks, visited with family and friends, and ate some much needed yummy food including the smoked BBQ.

While their Walker started to use sign language for milk. He also beame way more chatty, and would carry on a conversation with anyone. He also enjoyed taking bathes with his cousins. Also, he enjoyed a late birthday party, and got to eat yummy cake made by Tammy. It was so nice to watch him go play in the playroom with the other kids and not freak out. He has grown up so much.

Enjoy some pictures from our tripl:
 all the grandkids, except Kason

 Great Grandma and Nana

Eric goofing off at the park
 Walker enjoying the outdoors, which we don't get often where we live.
 Eric and Dad

 I just love a sleeping baby.

 It myst be a great feeling to be able to sit outside in a diaper.

 Great Grandpa Starks and Walker taking out the trash.

 Wroking in the garden.


Monday, March 5, 2012


 I just went the back for a minute and this is what this little guy did. He loves to pull out wipes and throw them everywhere.
What can I say, I still like to peek in on him and look at him sleeping. He has become attached to this elephant and I love it!

So what has been happening lately, NOTHING! Eric has been sick, I have been sick and now Walker is sick. Oh cold and flu season, I hate you! Plus if we wanted to go anywhere we couldn't anyways because they freeway has been shut down, so that means you can't get out of Laramie. Seriously, that was like the worst weekend ever. I was wanting to go somewhere and I couldn't. I think I complained all day until Eric told me I needed to change my attitude. :)

Let's see I am still working at the school and a primary teacher. Eric is still going to school and finishes at the end of April. Walker is such a little chatter box, I can't understand half the things that he says but he sure does love to talk. He likes to point at pictures and have us tell him what they are. The two that he has been stuck on are the prophet and Jesus.