Tuesday, November 23, 2010


To be completely honest this pregnancy has been really easy for me, except for a few minor bumps along the way, but really nothing to complain about. I started out this pregnancy, honestly not even believing that this was possibly true and that something would happen and I would miscarry. Well here we are 37 weeks into this and it has flew by. What has made this experience even better is that their are other friends of mine who are pregnant with me and we are all due around the same time. It is so nice to sit around and talk about things that you are experiencing and what others are going through because it makes you feel even more blessed that your pregnancy has gone so smoothly.

I found out we were pregnant while Eric was at work. I know I probably should of waited, but I have taken pregnancy test before and to me this was just like any other, it would come out negative. We'll obviously it didn't. Took one and didn't believe it, took another and I was like ok what do I do now. I waited for Eric to get home from work and as soon as he walked in I showed him the two test and he said "so what does this mean?", me "We'll umm babe were pregnant". To both of our disbelief we were so shocked and me being a little paranoid was like we can't tell anyone, so we waited a little over 3 months to tell people.

I haven't thrown up at all this whole pregnancy, as of my last appointment I have only put on 14 pounds (but i must say that I have lost some muscle), I haven't had any problem with swelling and I have been going to bed the same time Eric has been, but that's probably because I don't take naps during the day like I should, but I hate naps.

I can't believe this pregnancy is coming to an end and we will be starting our little family. The timing couldn't be more perfect for us. Eric and I were both able to finish school, we have more money in our savings, we're living in a great place that has great rent, and we also live in a very supportive ward where we have made such great friends.

I guess to say the least this is what I am thankful for this holiday season.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

In the Mail

Today I got this hat in the mail. Eric wanted to get this for me for Christmas. So of course I had to try it on to make sure that it fits. I ordered it on Amazon for $1.99 and even better we used our swagbucks to pay for it!

Below is another surprise that came in the mail. I received a $10 gift card from Rite Aid. I guess I "spent" $25 in their store on certain products. But you know I actually didn't spend that much with the coupons and the register rewards I use. I was totally not expecting this. I just love getting things I do not expect, it makes it so much better. I can't wait to find some good deals to use this on!