Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Getting Older

I blame this on getting older. This is pretty sad, I am only 25, and I can't even remember my own age, I was thinking I was 24 for like the longest time. The other day I had to fill out a form for Eric and I couldn't figure out how he is 26 and was born in 1982. I knew he was born in 1982 but I thought he was 26, the math wasn't adding up, either I had his age or b-day wrong, so I had to wait for Eric to get home to confirm what year he was born, and he told me he was actually 27, I thought he was lie'n, but its the truth he's 27! He thought I was said I couldn't remember. The other day I called my mom with something either to tell her or to ask and when she answered I could no longer remember, and I still can't remember. This has been happening to me a lot lately. Like today, I know their is something that I am suppose to be doing but I can't remember.

I really need to do some brain exercises. Any pointers anyone?

Ok so like when I went to post this, this is what came up on the next page: Lumosity, Reclaim Your Brain. How strange is that?

Monday, July 20, 2009


I have learned something new,yeah. Hope you guys like em'.

Friday, July 17, 2009


So Eric and I went camping in the El Dorado National Forest. We had a blast. We went to Silver Lake, where the river that runs out of Silver Lake formed some potholes. These potholes were deep enough in some areas where you could jump like 10-15 ft into the water and not even touch the bottom. Eric did this, I was to big of pansy to do it, but maybe next time.

First night....

Of course first thing first SMORES!!!!

My camera blinded him. I thought he looked funny.

The next day....
Thats our little red tent down their.

And of course the bathrooms, they weren't that bad.

While Eric was taking down the tent this is what I was doing. I was so helpful.

I woke up to these!!!!!

Prairie Dogs, I thought they were so darn cute

Eric snapped this picture. I am shocked he was able to get this close. Good Job!

These are the potholes. All the pictures from before are from where we camped.

Thats Eric about to go into the water, that kid is blocking the way.

Our camera went dead after this, bummer. But it was a blast, I do recommend this place its a great day place to go and its simple to get too.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Memory Lost

Today I woke up early and had this idea to get everything ready for a camping trip and two hikes he could choose from, that I wanted to go on. I wanted to surprise Eric with this. I am not normally the spontaneous type, I like to plan things, so I was stressing. We'll all day today I was thinking it was Thursday, Eric has Fridays off. I was running all over the place and it wasn't until 2:15 when I started to wonder what day it was. I couldn't figure it out so I called my dad and he said it was Wednesday. You have got to be kidding me, I've been stressing and rushing all day!

We'll at least the positive thing is...I'll have everything ready for Thursday.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Oakland and San Fran

Eric and I went with some friends of ours to an Oakland A's game and then to San Francisco. The A's bet the Detroit Tigers 5-1. We had a blast, the sun was blasting on us the whole time and Eric got his knees burnt. I took over a hundred pictures between the game and San Fran, so sorry for all the pictures. What can I say I like to take pictures!

Humm, what is he eating, oh beef jerky.

The dots and the A's mascot racing each other. The mascot won!

A view of the Oakland temple from the Bart Station. This is zoomed in. It was way off in the distance. We took the BART into San Fran because its expensive to drive across the bridge and then pay for parking. No thank you, I would rather walk.

If you zoom in on this picture you will notice that this is not a women, it is actually a man. Only in San Fran.

This is the restaurant that we ate at in China Town. The food was way good, but the service was horrible. The lady wasn't very friendly.

Alcatraz in the background.

At Pier 39

I love the Pier in San Fran because of all the street people they have like that skeleton, that's actually a person in that suit dancing.

Brent and Ann our friends that we went with. We went into a sun glass store and we thought these would look funny on him, you can tell by his wife expression

For desert we went to the Rain Forest Cafe. Its way cool inside.

We took this train thing back to the BART station to go home.