Friday, September 4, 2009

Good News

School has started back and so has the stress of it. Fees have gone up 32% and teachers are being furloughed 9 days out of the semester and they were asked to cut back on their work. Yeah, isn't it great to know that you are paying more for less (sarcasm people). Wouldn't it be sad if this was the good news : )

Anyways, this will be Eric's last semester at Sac State for his Bachelor degree in Sociology. Isn't it weird to think your sad to leave High School but ecstatic to graduate from college. I will unfortunately be graduating in the spring, a semester later than what I expected but that is ok. Eric is still working at Southgate Glass, so bless his heart he's having to do all that, school and work. Isn't he great. I appreciate all that he does for this family.

On too the good news about ME:

No I am no pregnant, but if I got this excited over this just wait until that happens, you better watch out, lol!!!!

I had an interview today with Sutter Medical Center for a position to do some volunteer work with the Child Life Specialist Deparment. Guess what.... I got a call back today, like not even 3 hours after the interview....AND.....I got it!!! Way excited at the moment. I know your think excited over volunteer work, but this is a competitive postition, and the best way to become a Child Life Specialist becuae you have to do 100 hours of volunteer work, and then 420 hours of intership hours and then you can apply for a permanent postition after you become certified. I will be working in the pediatric unit assisting the staff, children and families. Mainly I will playing with the children who are in the hospital for a long period of time. I will still be able to do this and work with Head Start, isn't that awsome!

: )