Tuesday, May 27, 2014


April was a busy month for us. We ended up getting a new to us but used car that we absolutely love!! We got the car from the town I grew up in, so while there we also went to the Tyler zoo.
Julian really loved the goats, he even kissed on. He is such an animal lover. Walker wouldn't even go in.
Walker wanted to stand on every ledge so he could get a better view of the animals.

Probably the highlight for Walker was feeding the fish. He loved it so much that he would walk up to strangers and hold his hand out to get more fish food.

Another favorite was the play area. They had tractors, cars and cement tunnels to crawls through. Oh and sand!

Our car that we love. The A/C is fantastic!

My mom rode back with me. So we took advantage and Eric and I went camping up in Glenwood, NM.  

Nana and Pa did a little Easter egg hunt with boys. Walker just wanted to through the fruit snacks and Julian just wanted to stuff his face.