Sunday, September 22, 2013

Get Healthy

I am restarting the 17 diet on Tuesday. If anyone would like to do it with me I can send you what you need to know. For me it's a great way to get my body feeling better.

I have been working hard this year to lose weight and getting healthy emotionally/physically/spiritually. Yes I have lost weight, no I haven't been perfect at doing all this, I haven't reached my goal weight yet but I keep trying, and that is what is important. I have personally found that when I eat right, try to get enough sleep, do family scripture time, make sure the hubby is happy, and do something for myself; I don't eat near as much junk and I feel way better.

This year I have taken a whole different approach to getting healthy than I have in the past. I have been focusing on long-term reasons why I want to get healthy.

I want to be healthy (some of the top reasons):
  • so when my kids are older we can go on hikes
  • because I know I feel better physically
  • because I am a better mom
  • because I feel closer to my Savior (I really feel that there is a connection between the way we feel about our self and our relationship with our Savior)
I would like to challenge my readers to find something that they can do to make their life a little healthier. For the next little while I am going to be focusing on my diet, because my body has been aching lately. But here are some of my advice on making changes: (1)Don't try to make big changes because lets be honest they don't work. (2)Everyone makes mistakes, so if you mess up move on, (3)Make sure it is realistic with what is going on in your life right now because you want to be successful, (4)Reward yourself with a non-food item (5)Remember you are always doing a good job!

Some ideas I have thought of for myself and family to make us healthier is to:
  • plan our meals for the week
  • make time for the hubby
  • read conference talks (always makes me feel better)
  • limit tv/internet time to maybe when the kids are in bed
  • get out and go on walks
  • go to bed at a reasonable time
I am sure this list can go on and feel free to share your thoughts.