Saturday, January 18, 2014

2013 recap

For 2013 I wanted to start appreciating living in New Mexico. To be honest I was kinda a party pooper when we first got here. Considering we moved here when I was 8 months pregnant, in the middle of summer, living in a swamp cooler townhome, away from family and friends.

This place has more to offer than I could imagine. from brown dessert environments to green mountainous ones. I am so glad that we tried to do something each month as a family. We made a limit that we wouldn't travel more then 3 hours away, we'll because that how long it takes to get to ABQ. We had a blast going to all of these places and creating wonderful memories that the kids will never remember but we did grow closer together as a family.

WARNING: it's a long one.

A recap of 2013

January: White Sands and Ruidoso

February: ABQ zoo and temple

March: ABQ aquarium and botanical gardens

April: City of Rocks

May: El Paso Zoo
June: Yosemite National Park

July: Potty training and moving
August: Camping at the Gila Cliff Dwellings

September: Stayed around the house and hit up the parks probably everyday.


October: Southern NM State Fair,
               Cloudcroft, NM
               Ward Halloween Party

November: Parks, Parks, Parks and snow.

December: A visit to my parents


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Traveling with kids

I recently made a long journey across the state of Texas with my two kiddos by myself that took I swear like 16 hours. Here are 10 things I learned from that trip that some of you might benefit from.

1. Expect the worse, so if things are better you think your kids are doing fantastic and if they are going crazy you have already mentally prepared for it.
2. Every stop will take f..o...r...e...v...e...r!!!! Especially if they are potty trained/training, I swear Walker took 30 minutes to poop (or at least that's how long it felt)
3. Stopping on the side of the road is a time saver if your kids just need to pee or even if you need to.
4. If you want to be nice plan to make a million stops or be like me and schedule stops every so many hours and make them wait (they'll live, I promise).
5. A portable dvd player is a must, and I must warn you, you might end up hearing the same darn movie over and over, until you eventually tell them that it's broken and they have to pick a new one.
6. If they are being quite, do not and I repeat do not turn around and make eye contact or that nice relaxing quite time will be over.
7. A cleaning caddy is a nice way to put toys snugged nicely between two car seats and will keep you from constantly turning around to give them something..
8. Make sure you have their favorite blanket or animal.
9. You don't sleep well in the car so don't expect your kids to either. 
10. Bring an extra towel incase one of them decides to throw up. and you have to use their favorite blanket to clean it up. Also if you have kids that like to return everything they have eaten plus more, make sure you have extra clothes easily accessible.