Tuesday, April 2, 2013


This was a very busy month for us so here we go.
For our family outing we went to the Aquarium and the Botanical Gardens in ABQ. It was so much fun. The Aquarium wasn't that big, but a great size for the attention of a 2 year old and the gardens, were nice to walk through. Nothing was blooming, which was sad, but they had a really fun kid area that I absolutely love!

The kids and I also went to my parents for about 2 weeks since Eric was going to be gone.
Here is Julian being spoiled by Pa. Eating brownies and ice cream.

Walker really liked sitting at the bar area at Rainforest Cafe.
Richard feeding my poor baby brisket! He said my kids need some meat on their bones.
 We also went to what I call a Redneck Zoo called Gator and Friends. It seriously seemed like they went out into the woods and got some of these animals. Oh well, Kason and Walker loved it.

Walker had a good time playing with his cousin Kason. They jumped on beds, gave a pedi, took bathes together and just pretty much goofed off the whole time.

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jmw said...

looks like a blast!