Thursday, September 27, 2012

Baby Must Haves

I was thinking of all the things that I must have before Julian was born. These were the top 5 things that I came up with.

1. Muslin blankets here
        *it is the only way that my  babies will sleep, and they don't out grow these blankets for a while

2. Sleep gowns here
        *because when they are first born they are a pain to dress because they want to stay in a ball

3. Natalie's burp rags that she made
        *these were made of fleece and they were the only thing besides a towel that could hold Walkers spit ups

4. Dr. Brown bottles here
        *I also found these to be the best bottle to reduce spit-up, and we tried several because of Walker

5. Mylicon drops here
        * I have already used these with Julian and it has helped so much with gas


Natalie said...

I will have to make sure I've got some of these! Excited I made your list too ;)

Sheila Capell said...

i second your list!