Saturday, September 15, 2012

Mom and Dad

My mom came out here before Julian was born, so Walker could get use to her and to help out once Julian was born. She was such a big help with Walker. Walker had such a great time going places with her,playing outside in the water and lotioning her legs. Thanks mom for all of your help, Eric and I really appreciate everything.
When it was time for mom to leave dad came and picked her up. Walker loved seeing him and going places with him as well.

Playing in the backyard, making mud pies
Why go to a spa if Walker will lotion your legs for free

Dad and Julian
Dad and Walker when they went on a 3 mile hike
Farmers Market (those cinnamon rolls are so yummy)
A feed store that has animals you can feed. Walker really enjoyed doing this
Feed Store

We really enjoyed your visit, see ya at he baby blessing next month.

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Anonymous said...

i love the pics. was it really 3 miles?