Saturday, July 10, 2010


So this was my latest trip to Rite Aid.
1. Pampers Diapers
2. Old Spice Deo
3. Old Spice Deo
4. Renu Contact Solution
5. Crest Mouth Wash
6. Gillette Fusion Shaving cream
7. Comtrex: cold and cough

Between the coupons I used and the rebates that I will be receiving the total out of pocket expense was $4 and some change! Yep that is 7 items for $4!

Yes people that includes the diapers. Those diapers at the store would of cost $8.99 and I walked out of the store with everything for around $4, what a steal! Without the coupons and rebate this trip would of cost around $30, and these are things that we by!


Jeff and Sheila Capell said...

YAY!! Woot woot! ...and those are Pampers folks, not the cheapies!! WAHOO!!

welchy said...

you're my idol

sherrie said...

that's awesome. do you use sunday coupons? i need to start couponing.

Capell said...

i don't get the paper anymore, these are from the ones you can just print off your computer

Christine Duerksen said...

Ok, how do you do this because I would love to learn how. You said you print them on the computer, what site do you go to do this?