Thursday, July 15, 2010


I need your help! I need some new recipes, I am tired of cooking the same stuff over and over. I am looking for things that are easy, healthy and call for normal ingredients! If you have a recipe that you wouldn't mind sharing you can e-mail it to me at or if you have a favorite website that you like you can let me know that as well.

Thanks in advance!


Amy said...

i used to get kraft recipe magazines before they started charging for them (so lame), but i know they have all of them online. betty crocker has a good website, too. and i have some family recipes i could send you if you want :)

Dan and Patrice said...

I have LOVED all of the recipes on these sites. We really enjoy the honey-lime enchiladas...


I hope that helps!

Lorraine said...
I love my Better Homes and Gardens cookbook, and they might have an online website.
I usually just browse cooking websites and bookmark recipes I want to try, too.