Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pregnancy Update

On June 21st, I was able to hear the babies heartbeat. I was a little nervous going into this appointment because I was worried about their not being a heartbeat. Well, I got even more nervous when the doctor came into the room to find it. At first it seemed as if the doctor couldn't find it. I think she noticed that I was starting to get worried and she try to give me some comforting words, but to be honest it didn't help at all I could think of was "lady you better find that heart beat or their is going to be mental break down". Well good news she found it. She practically was all the over by my hip. This appointment was such a relief to hear the heart beat, but to be completely honest their is still that worry in the back of my head that their might be something wrong at the next appointment. I don't know if this is due to the fact that we have tried for so long with no luck, or of the horror stories that people tell you, who knows.
Also, when did you moms out there start showing with your first pregnancy? I still feel like I am not showing. Also another concern I am not really gaining weight. From my 1st appoint to my 2nd appoint I haven't even put on a pound, not that I am complaining because I know the weight gain will come, but did any of you have that experience? Also, stretch marks, I lotion to try to help prevent but do you think that really works?
Stay tuned for my next pregnancy update, which will be the end of July and this is when we should find out the sex!


sherrie said...

when i went in for my first appointment with audrey i thought the exact same thing. and sure enough the doctor had a hard time finding the heartbeat too. i think in my case i was worried because of everything it took to get there and thinking it was too good to be true. but my advice is try not to think of that because it just stresses you out and you should enjoy the journey.

i remember showing with audrey around 18 weeks. don't worry about the weight unless your doctor gets concerned. enjoy not gaining any weight while you can!

Lorraine said...

Jenny, I'm on baby 4 and I still don't have stretch marks around my belly. I never did anything to try to prevent them because I just assumed every woman got them. You might be lucky :). I'm 22 weeks along and still having people surprised when I tell them I'm pregnant because I guess I'm not showing enough for them.

Jeff and Sheila Capell said...

I hate that you haven't gained a pound...grrrrr! You seriously look so great!! I swear, I better start working out again now that I'm starting to feel a little better.

With Justin I started really showing and looking pregnant around 17 weeks, Jordan not till about 22 they've all been pretty different for me. I'm sure your body is just doing what is natural. Your uterus is just barely above your pelvic bone now and just below your belly button. You should be able to feel it if you lay flat on your back with your legs all the way down. Once that moves up a little more, you'll start to "pop"!

Amy said...

hearing the baby's heartbeat for the first time was the best for me :) i had a med student trying to find james' heartbeat and she couldn't find it and she freaked more than me and got the dr... who found it in less then 2 seconds :) it is hard to not worry, but like sherrie said, enjoy being pregnant. i hardly gained any weight with both pregnancies my first trimester. the weight gain will come, no worries. i totally lotion and i didn't get stretch marks on my tummy. and what stretch marks i did get, went away. can't wait to hear what you are having!!!