Thursday, June 27, 2013

California Vaca

Last week we loaded up the kids and made the 17 hour drive to California to spend time with Eric's family and to see some good friends. We had a great time seeing everyone. We drove at night and it wasn't to bad. Julian is the best baby to drive with at night because he sleeps the whole time, Walker not so much but he has always been that way. Our week was jam packed once we arrived, sorry to those we didn't get to see.
Here are some highlights from our trip...
Julian and his cousin Jared hung out together with Grandma Capell and the rest of the grandkids so we could go to a SF Giants game.
Next on our list was to go camping at Yosemite. We had a blast but not sure if I would do this again with a 17 hour drive following. A few thing I learned from this trip to take with you camping is to bring a booger sucker and a beanie.
We took the bus a couple of times to do some hiking!
The river wasn't to far from our site.

Hiking to Yosemite falls. This a really easy hike to do with kids.

Our hike to the Vernal Fall Bridge. This was only a .8 mile hike but it was up hill the whole time. Not to great for little kids but we managed it is paved so you could did it with a stroller. I was the first to make it lugging this little guy who fell asleep. Thanks Joann for the Moby, it was fantastic!

Ice cream after the hike to Vernal.
On our way to our next destination Walker fell asleep while eating a cracker. He has such a dirty face, I love it.
Glacier Point! That is half dome in the back ground.


Before we left to head back we just chilled and tried to get some rest.

On our way home.
This is how he decided to take his nap.

We are all so beat on the way back. Julian and I weren't feeling well. This time we drove during the day. Walker did fantastic, Julian had a little hard time. Walker travels well during the day and always has. So you have to pick which kid you want to deal with on a trip Julian during the day or Walker at night.

If you ever get a chance to go to California I totally recommend going to Yosemite. It is so beautiful and totally worth it.

We missed you Darren, Natalie and Hayden.


jmw said...

Oh, I LOVE the photos!! You guys looks so great as a family out in beautiful Mother Nature! I love the passed out messy pic face of Walker. Thanks for the tip about Yosemite Falls being an ok hike for kids. I had written off Yosemite till G gets a little older based on what someone else had said, but now I don't have to, yay!

Natalie said...

We wish we could have been there too! Boo. Maybe in a few years...