Monday, May 27, 2013

The big 31

Sunday was Eric's birthday. We weren't able to do anything because he had to work but we definitely celebrated today! I was able to find someone last minute to watch Walker and Julian (Thank you Stephanie). So we were able to go to lunch at De La Vegas Pecan Grill childless!!! It was so nice to go without the kids and the food was soooo good!!!

Then we all took a nap together around 1 and didn't get up until after 5. For some reason they slept extra long today, I had to wake Walker and Julian didn't get up till 6. No complaints here!

Then for Eric's birthday dinner we had steak, potatoes, and carrot fries. For dessert we were able to skype with his family and sing happy birthday and eat a homemade funfetti cake while they watched us. Eric got exactly what he wanted...shorts!!!

 (Walker and I made the birthday sign together and his turned out better!)

Happy Birthday!!

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jmw said...

Happy Birthday Eric! Mmmmm cake... and the restaurant sounds yummy, too!