Sunday, September 30, 2012

Glade and Sherry's visit

Glade and Sherry just recently came out to New Mexico to see the newest addition to their family. We were so glad to have them here, and I (Jenny) was so happy to have them entertain Walker so I could spend time with Julian. I really, really appreciate you guys. While here I wish that I could have done more with ya, but we did do some fun things.

We made smores in our rocky backyard!
Sherry made Julians blanket while here.

Grandparents, Eric and Walker went to the feed store to see the animals

We did a little photo session with Julian.
Thank you for visiting us, we really enjoyed seeing you guys and catching up.
***While writing this Eric yells down the stairs that Walker had just peed all over them. He stood at the top and just watched his pee go from on step to the next. Oh boy!

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Anonymous said...

sounds like more fun. love the pics. i bet walker thought that was funny! LOL! :)!