Thursday, March 3, 2011

March 2, 2011

Walker has grown so much since he was born. I can't believe how fast he has changed. He is very expressive now. It is so much fun to sit around and coo with him and have him coo back. He loves to stick out his tongue. Also his latest thing is that he slobbers a lot and likes to suck on his hand.

What I have learned is to NOT say that "I would never do that as a parent". I remember watching and hearing what other people do with their children and I would always say I would never do that,, why are they doing that it's stupid, we'll their are some thing they do that are, I do have to admit.
There are so many things that I said I wouldn't do that I have done. Here are some examples: I didn't want to use a pacifier and playing music to help them fall asleep,just to name a few. I have decided that every preconceive notion that I had made is just going to have to go out the window. I also said that I was going to let Walker cry it out, well I want too, but I can't. If he gets to upset then he will start spitting up and having issues. So that has gone oWut the window. I have learned that you have to roll with the punches with him and follow his cues instead of making him try to follow mine. I have to remind myself that he has only been in this world for 2 months.


The Mangelson Family said...

True that!! Babies are make you do crazy things sometimes!!

welchy said...

me, too! I am eating my words every day! but it's kind of fun to watch all these nurturing instincts take over. :)

Anonymous said...

i didnt want to use a pacifer either but they said at the hospital that it can help prevent sids so we did. and i like the radio because i like to listen to it too and it will block out talking and other noises! :)! id let kason cry it out but he didnt have the spit up problem! i love you jenny!