Saturday, February 27, 2010

Update on my "Stress"

Ok, day 2, I have a total of 9 pages with maybe 2 more sections to. I was so worried about getting 10 pages.

Through this whole experience today I have realized something.....

Ok, so today I stayed home to write my paper because I did not want to walk to school in the rain with the computer in my backpack, so I stayed home. I brought the computer up stairs so I would not have the distraction of TV or staring out the window in lala land (I'm good at that one). Well, I have figured out what I do to distract or procrastinate myself from doing homework at home. Well, it's not the TV, or sleeping,or talking on the phone or cleaning (which might not be a bad thing), guess what it is.... EATING. Yep I eat to not do other things. Now that I have come to this conclusion it has explained a lot of things, I don't only do this for homework I do it for other things as well. I guess I did learn something through writing this paper, but it wasn't what I was suppose to learn.

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welchy said...

I used to do that in school, too! I never cooked at home so much as I did when I was in school. You've gotten a lot done, though! 9 pages - sounds like you're almost there!