Sunday, February 28, 2010

Update on my "Stress" #2

It is 11:24 and I am finally finished writing my paper :) Eric has already edited half of it and now he just has the rest tomorrow. I feel so bad that he has to do this, but hey I cook dinner for ya, you can at least edit my paper because you are a genius at it, right? I have always wondered why that boy didn't major in English, its probably because he didn't want to put in the work of reading all those books and writing all those papers.
Anyways, thanks for following my little stress story, but don't be sad I am going to have to write another 10 page paper pretty soon. Goody I get freak out and stress out again YEAH! Hopefully the 2nd time around I 'll start a little sooner. Oh who I am kidding, I am a procrastinator! :)

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Ann Marie said...

writing for an assignment is so much more stressful than writing for enjoyment. i totally get stressed out when i have to write for school. good luck with your paper!!