Monday, June 29, 2009

My Garden

This is our little garden that we planted several weeks ago, I've always wanted to get into gardening but didn't think I had the touch for it. But, after a short while we saw these, and we can't even remember what they are. How sad is that?

These are the beautiful roses my mother-in-law Sherry gave me and aren't they pretty.

Shortly after we planted the roses they died, which made me question if I was cut out for this whole gardening thing. You can see the dead one in the middle of the plant. So I neglected it and left it alone to see what would happen and now we have some new blooms coming in, yeah.

Those little blooms that you saw in the beginning turned into these huge monsters, all I know is that they are some kind of squash.

We also planted some peas. I didn't think they were going to survive because we planted them late in the season and it was getting hot, but they are survivors, we have had some blooms, but we'll see.

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Lorraine said...

I'm jealous of your garden. I'm having a hard time keeping things alive here because we get so much sun on our side of the building.

If you cut all the dead blooms off the roses they will flower more.