Friday, August 30, 2013

He's one

I can not believe this was me a year ago!
The joys of being induced, you can get a cute before picture.
He went from this cute little angle that loved to be swaddled to...
A one year old that loves to:
eat graham crackers, fruits and veggies
bother/love on Walker
be held
crawl and pull up on things
play with his blanket
 We had a little party while my parents were here. We had dairy free cake and lots of new toys. What could be better right!
While we are singing happy birthday to Julian, Walker was sneaking licks of icing.
 Julian loving his almond milk, you would of thought this kid died and went to heaven. He loved it!!!
 Present time. This kid scored on some amazing toys.
 But this is what he ended up doing!

 And then with some redirection he went back to the toys.

 Julian is a perfect addition to our growing family. He's such a happy kid when he isn't scratching himself all the time. We love you Juice Juice.

The story behind "Juice": Walker for some reason from day one called him Juice and with Eric's reinforcement he still calls him that. I call him Julian and I try to get Walker to, but I guess he's just Juice.


Natalie said...

I almost addressed his card to "Juice"! Such a fun birthday. I still am having heart failure thinking of Hayden's in 6 weeks!

Capell said...

Thanks Natalie! It's hard when it's their first birthday, but I definitely wouldn't want to go back a relive the first 3 months. :)

jmw said...

Happy Birthday Julian!

jmw said...

aka Juice Juice

Sheila Capell said...

SOOOOOO CUTE!! Love all the great pictures!!