Monday, August 5, 2013

Gila Mts

Eric's weekends are different than most people and right now that is ok, because whenever we go anywhere it's pretty empty. This past Thursday we, mainly me, decided load the kiddos up and head to the mountains for some camping. I couldn't decide if we should go because there was chance of rain. The drive took way longer than we expected and on the way up the mountains you could see a storm coming in. We were able to hear some thunder and it was intense. It was so powerful! Luckily the storm went around us and we just got a few sprinkles,.

We camped in the Gila Mountains so we could go to the Gila Cliff dwellings. Here's my opinion on that, it's really neat, the hike up there is beautiful and Walker loved it, but the dwellings are NOT for kids at all. Eric wanted to go on the tour guide and all we kept on hearing was don't touch this, don't sit on that, blah blah blah. You also were not allowed any snacks and for a 2 year old it is a must. Neat place, not for kids. Now on to camping there, it is extremely buggy, and hiking trails are pretty much never traveled, so they are over grown and I would recommend pants, also the trails and what's on them are poorly mapped out.

I know all of this sounds negative but we had a really good time together as a family. Would we camp there again probably not but it was definitely worth doing once.

 The storm in the back, the other side of the road was sunny.
 This hike was suppose to be to some hot springs, we'll just to the river I guess.

 Eric eating a banana boat, he loves them, I hate them. But with banana as the main ingredient now no wonder why.
 Walker went to the bathroom and we thought he pooped in the potty, we'll he just emptied his diaper in it. Smart kid.

Sorry couldn't get the picture to rotate.

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Sheila Capell said...

OH. MY. GOODNESS!! I'm laughing sooo hard at the poop in the potty part!! That's hilarious!! Looks like a really fun trip! Cool pics Jenny!