Saturday, May 18, 2013

My kiddos

I love my kids but sometimes they just do things where I must pause and be amazed. To me that are the cutest kids ever but I am extremely biased.

The other day Eric had a dentist appointment. He left while I was putting Julian down and when I came downstairs this is what I found. He was sitting in his chair throwing rocks. I thought it was the most cutest thing ever.
Yes that right he can unlock and open doors. YIPPEE!!

Julian on the other hand woke up from his nap like this. I am pretty sure that thing was tied on their. Maybe he's been working on it to make his grand escape, but little did he know that there were bars behind the bumper. HA HA!


Natalie said...

Haha! Cute little boys.

jmw said...

You aren't biased, they ARE the cutest things ever! :) That picture of Walker cracks me up. He's such a guy. And Julian, that's so funny, too. I love the image of him thinking of his grand escape, only to be foiled in his attempt and then fall asleep.