Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A nap story

Walker has a little elephant that he sleeps with all the time and for some reason he had brought it down stairs yesterday. With the time change and all he has been a little off. So it was probably about time for his nap, and he goes and gets his elephant and starts walking up the stairs saying "night, night". I was so suprised! It was so stinkn' cute, with him holding his elephant. So I followed him up and he went right down. I think I am still a little shocked that he did that.

(Lorraine it's so funny, I read your blog the same day Walker did this)


jmw said...

oh, if only all naptimes could be like this!

ps - I very much dislike daylight savings! I say leave nature's well enough alone!

Lorraine said...

It's all about the mom's attitude, I'm convinced!! The time change is treating us really, really well. My kids are older, so I think that makes a difference. And if they get up early, they make breakfast, which is awesome :).