Friday, November 23, 2012

2012 Pictures

2012 Pictures

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JCPennys was have a special on pictures today so we went. I have always loved how our pictures have turned out because the photographer would snap a million of them. We'll this lady took her time and would wait for them to pose or something, but she did get some good ones.

Julian wasn't all smiles for pictures but once we were finished he was cooing and smiling, plus during pictures he spit up all over himself; Walker really didn't want to cooperate he was just being silly, every time you would place him somewhere he would just run off until we found a baseball. I think he has had a baseball in every picture because it gets him to smile and to stand still. I don't mind the spit up or the baseball because this is just how life is now and I am loving being a mommy of two, but it does have its days.

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jmw said...

I wasn't able to view the photos from here, but I was able to go to facebook and see them that way.

Great photos! I love Walker in gray! You got so many wonderful ones to choose from. It's so fun to see you all together.