Thursday, December 15, 2011

16 lbs lighter

So these past two months I was in a biggest loser competition. My goal was just to win my money back, which I did plus more. I am super excited with what I accomplished. I lost a grand total of 16 pounds durning the competion. I lost my weight by following the 17 Day Diet. I wish it was called something else because it has changed the way that I eat and I am more cautious about what I eat. Before the diet I felt sluggish and I was getting headachs. After I feel completely different. If you want more information about the 17 Day Diet let me now.

I don't really have a before picture so this one will have to do:

Here is the after:
I am so glad that I entered the competition. I feel better about my body.


Jeff and Sheila Capell said...

You look awesome!! I'm so happy for you and YOUR HAIR IS SO CUTE!!!!!

Starks Haven said...

You look awesome, but of course you alway's do. Proud you accomplished your goal. Love the new hair cut. Love, mama

The Mangelson Family said...

Hottie!!! Your hair totally completes your whole new look!!! I might need some info about this diet.. because I have some baby weight to lose soon!! :-) It's quite possible that this little girl of mine will be born on Walker's birthday!! :-)

jmw said...

Jenny, you look amazing!!!! I, too, love the hair! You not only look lighter, but you look all toned up! Tell us about the 17 day diet, & did you do any special work outs?

Anonymous said...

wow congrats jenny. thats a lot of weight, theres nothing left to you! :)! how much money did you win? :)! you do look nice! :)! you look so purdy! :)!

Anonymous said...

youre so purdy! :)!