Sunday, November 27, 2011


 For Thanksgiving this year we made a quick trip down to Utah and Idaho to see Erics parents and to celebrate the holiday with the Capell side. The first night we stayed at Erics grandparents house in Idaho. While there Sherry wanted to throw Walker a little birthday party.
 For Thanksgiving day we went down to Sheldon and Suzann's house in Utah. There was great company and yummy food. It was so nice to catch up with everyone.


Anonymous said...

nice pics! :)

Dan and Patrice said...

All right, what's the deal? You came to Utah and didn't stop to say hello? I hope I didn't hurt anyone's feelings the last time you stopped by, and now you don't ever want to come back. Next time you come through Utah, stop in Farmington to come see us. We are really close to Lagoon if that gives you any bearing as to where we live.

Dan, Patrice, Harrison, and Everett

jmw said...

You guys all have pretty eyes!!