Tuesday, October 11, 2011


So we have had our first snow fall for the winter season! YEAH! Just kidding. I could not belive my eyes when I looked out the window, becuase like 30 minutes before their was nothing. I have never really been much of a snow person, and that could be because I was never really around it. My first real exposure to snow was when I lived in Rexburg. And I am proud to say I only fell once and no one saw. Anyways, Walker really liked looking out the window at it. The good news is that it didn't last very long. The snow started to melt yesterday and is pretty much all gone. I took it as as a warning that winter is coming and that I need to get prepared. So I order some boots that are perfect for the snow and I plan on wearing them to church too, becuase I don't care about looking cute when it is cold.
Thats my poor car in the back ground. I hope our cars can get through the winter!


Lorraine said...

So, it's a good thing we didn't come visit you a month later. The kids would have been sooooo excited, too. Stay warm!

jmw said...

Walker looks totally ready!

Natalie said...

holy cow! i heard it snowed, but i didn't realize how much!

Anonymous said...

you will grow to love the snow! LOL! :)! or you can just move here! :)!