Saturday, August 6, 2011


Walker likes to make a mess when he eats!

This is his latest development, he likes to stand up in his crib. I think I might start putting him in sleep sacks so he can't stand in his crib. I can picture him trying to bust out of his little prison. He looks so proud of his new accomplishment.

Our 5 year anniversary is coming up and we decided to do something a little early since Eric will be in school and working weekends. So yesterday we went to a Rockies v. Nationals game. Nationals won 5-4. We had a such a fun time and Walker was so good...until the car ride home, but thats ok.


Amy said...

wow- he is looking so big! such a cute little boy

Starks Haven said...

WOW, walker is getting so big. He looks so cute standing in his crib. Hard to believe how much he has grown. I love and miss him so much......Nana

Anonymous said...

cute pictures! :)! he does look excited about standing up in his bed! :)! yall went to a baseball game for yalls anniversary? was that both of yalls idea? LOL! :)! j/w! :)! cute pics! :)!

Anonymous said...

i like the new background and college! :)!