Monday, June 13, 2011


So I have been a little frustraited the last couple of days because of Walkers sleep habits. So to start it out, we tried him on soy (again) and it was a no go. It made him severely constipated, which equals an very unhappy little boy. And now that that has passed he started to decide to roll over in his sleep (again) and wake up screaming. Pretty much once he rolls over he keeps on doing it all night. And now on to his new thing, he has completely out grown the swaddling blankets, so now he comes unswaddled and wakes up. He is a big time mover in his sleep! We have tried the whole sleeping on the stomach thing and last time it was a complete no go. As soon as you would lay him on his stomach he would push himself up and look around like it was time to get up, or the other opotions he would just scream. I think I am about to pull some all nighters to break him of this swaddeling thing. I have no idea what to do.


Anonymous said...

we just let kason scream and cry till he went back to sleep but that was just us! LOL! :)!

welchy said...

would the burrito work for him? arms out but wrapped tight from the chest down? what about just one arm out?