Monday, February 7, 2011


As some of you know both Eric and I were considered "spit up" babies and we were both on soy milk formula. We'll it looks like Walker has taken after both of us. I started Walker on soy milk and lets just say his spit up has significantly decreased to just a few dribbles starting on Saturday night (and hopefully will continue). The amount he would spit up was ridicules. I was having to use a towel before because the spit rags were too small for the amount he would spit back up, but it looks like I can start using normal spit rags and people can stop looking at me weird. He seems to be much happier with the soy, too.


Amy and Charlie said...

Phoebe spit up a huge amount once a day for about a month, but she's breastfed. My pediatrician said she had a little reflux and it she would outgrow it, which she pretty much has. Hope the soy continues to help!

Capell said...

Even when I was trying to breastfeed him he would spit up large amounts at each feeding, so they told me to cut all dairy products and peanut butter, which didn't help. Later we found out I wasn't producing enough milk so we had to try formula, and then he started to spit up even more and so now we are on soy and it is much better. I am so jealous you get to breastfeed. It is so much cheaper than formula!!!! Thats great she has outgrown it!

Anonymous said...

your wic dont pay for the formula? savannah