Friday, September 24, 2010


This is from my trip to Rite Aid today. I love posting things when I feel like I get such a great deal. So in this trip I got 3 packages of huggie diapers and lamisil foot cream (because you know those men have dirty feet). Out of pocket, including tax, I spent $20.14. But here is the good part:

In part of buying the diapers, I received $6 back to spend in their store


I'm going to get in return:
$10 rebate for buying the diapers
$6 rebate for buying the foot cream

So all in all from subtracting the rebates from my total I only spent $4.14, but if you include the $6 I got back to spend in the store the total would be $0 with a profit of $2.14.


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Jeff and Sheila Capell said...

NICE job Jenny, I did this one too this week...I'm loving Rite Aid. I actually went back and rolled my $6 into more diapers b/c I felt like it was still a great deal to do again! AND while I was there I found a bunch of clearanced food 75% off!! .74 for Skippy peanut butter, 1.56 for Tide (used 1.50/1 coupon and got it for .06!!) .42 for 15 ct oatmeal packets, .99 fruit cups...I was super excited!!!