Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Just a little update. I recently went to Texas. Sorry to all those I didn't get to see! It was a nice trip except for all of the problems we had with the airport. A brief summary... Arrive at the Sacramento airport, we wait and we wait and then finally they say are plain is delayed...about an hour later sorry your flight is still delayed our flight arrives and then their is a mechanical problem so we have to wait even longer to see if they have the part. Well being such a great airport they didn't have the part and after about 3 hours of waiting.... your flight has been cancled. WHAT??? So we have to rebook, with no help from the front counter. We rebook but not for the same day because their are no other flights going to Dallas that day from that airline "US Airways". We arrive at the Sacramento airport the next day, we are checking our luggage...

luggage lady "your going to miss your flight i'll need to rebook you guys"

me "miss our flight we are here two hours early?"

luggage lady "your flight leaving from sacramento is late so you will miss you connection in Phoenix."

me "you're kidding me"

luggage lady " I can get you set beside each other if you like"

me thinking to my slef... lady you have no idea how big of a inconvience you guys are but I guess thats what I get for booking such a cheap tickect $206 roundtrip, but that still doesn't excuss them.

Oh just to let you know we missed our connecting flight by maybe no more than 30 min. So we have to wait their for a couple of hours, and you all know how fun a aiport is! We finnaly arrive at DFW at 11:15 p.m. (central time) and then we have a 3 hour drive back to my parents. What a long day!!! And all the lady wanted to do was get us a set by each other! Other than that the trip was interesting. The flgihts being canclled and delayed through all of our plans out of the window but thats a whole other story (maybe another time).

School has started back and I'm shooting to graduate in December! YEAH! We are 5 spots away from moving into gov't subsidized housing! I am so excited, cheap rent! I have recently taken a new job working with head start. The bonus to this is that it will also count as one of my upper division electives. Work, get payed and get units, can life be any better? Well, yes, cheap rent!!!

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Mortensen Family said...

Jenny!!! Hi!!! This is your cousin Fawn from AZ. I just found your blog! Stop by mine and say hello! Talk to you soon!